N And N Construction Mondamon Iowa - Bad contractor recommended to customer

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The contractor they recommended cost us 20,000 the framing for the house crooked the cement looked like cow paddys globbed out garbage thrown everywhere the plastic sheeting around house flying off for months rain soaking the wood unsafe conditions soffit to small bowed wood cracked warped wood windows out of square these contractors are idiots lazy and greedy n,n construction lee and tony newsom from mondamon Iowa don't hire them or you will pay terribly mernards won't compensate anything mernards from council bluffs Iowa the woman running the contractors desk nicky Joned doesn't carBe won't answere her phone line she is the manager snotty and rude I like mernards but that store and the contractors information is scandalous

Review about: Apartment Garage Kit.



This is ridiculous.I don't know where to begin...

I come to these pages to find funny things like this. You are obviously not telling the whole story. I've shopped at menards since they opened in CB 20 years ago. I have had some issues over the years, yes but they always work to resolve the issue.

I know the contractor reps pretty well and Nicky is not the manager, Tim is. Your information is incorrect. While I don't know this N&N/Newsom contractor you are talking about I do know that they don't recommend contractors. They have a board and will give you numbers but who you choose is up to you.

Nicky may not be the sweetest lady out there but she knows her stuff, my wife and I have worked with her in many different departments, and couldn't be happier with her work.Just trying to get the truth out there...


I never learned to write with punctuation either

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